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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Malayan Tigers - San Diego Zoo

Here are a few pictures of Berani and Cinta, two of the Malayan Tigers at the San Diego Zoo, from this and last weekend.

Cinta seems to spend a lot of his time looking over his shoulder. He's watching his big brother Connor in the neighboring enclosure.

Here's Berani.

It's been hot in San Diego, Berani was cooling off in the pond.

Cinta is still dripping water from being in the pond.

A week later, and Cinta is still looking over his shoulder. He's just finished his first rabbit breakfast.

I guess most of today's pictures were of Cinta, but here's one of Berani.

And to finish up this set, here's one of the two of them together.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Valley of The Temples - Oahu, Hawaii

I thought I would post some pictures from trips taken before I started this blog at the end of 2009.

Valley of The Temples, outside of Kaneohe, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  We were there in early December of 2007.  Fans of the original Hawaii Five-O television series will recognize this spot from several episodes.  Generally there were meetings with spies involved.

Click here to see a few more images from Oahu in December of 2007.

Pacific Northwest Fly-Drive Road Trip - August 2009

Back in August of 2009, a little before I started this blog, we flew from San Diego to Spokane, WA, picked up a rental car and spent the next 2 weeks wandering around Washington, British Columbia, Alberta and Montana.  Now, 6 years later, here are a few images from that 2,300 mile driving trip.

We found a great hiking trail along an old abandoned rail line just outside of Hope, British Columbia.

Not too far from there we rode the Hell's Gate Air Tram down to the edge of the Fraser River.

Emerald Lake, in Canada's Yoho National Park, was amazing.

Equally amazing was the view from the top of Sulphur Mountain, near Banff.

Summertime can generally make for some dramatic weather, such as this cloud formation in the distance, with the Bow River at Banff in the foreground.  We hit (or got hit, actually) by a pretty big hailstorm on this trip.

We spent a night at the Many Glacier Hotel on Swiftcurrent Lake, in Glacier National Park.

We hit some heavy fog towards the top of Logan Pass on Going to the Sun Highway in Glacier NP.

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New Pictures From the San Diego Zoo

Here is an assortment of pictures from the last few weeks at the San Diego Zoo.

We'll start out with one of the female Black-Casqued Hornbill.  My friend Stan has nicknamed her Phyllis, due to her bright red "hair" and loud, shrill voice.

Here's a Wrinkled Hornbill.

I stayed late in the day at one point, and caught the male Lion in the setting sun.

Mom and Baby Hippo were out for a swim one morning.

Mom and Baby Gorilla were out for a walk.

I got lucky and happened to be at the Fishing Cat at lunchtime.

These pictures cover about 3 days, and I did spend most of that (no surprise) hanging out at the Malayan Tigers.  The tigers spent much of that time sleeping it seemed.

At one point, after waiting what seemed like hours (because it was hours) for signs of life, I finally decided that if I wanted a picture of a tiger I would have to improvise.

OK, so here are some pictures of the real Malayan Tigers.  Berani looks intense but relatively calm in this first shot.

Here he is just 3 minutes later, snarling and growling through the fence at his older brother Connor.

Here's one of Connor.

Berani's out for a walk.

He likes to spend time in the lower cave, which makes for some interesting images at times.

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Some New Pictures of Cinta and Berani - Malayan Tigers at the San Diego Zoo

Here are a few new pictures of Cinta and Berani, Malayan tigers at the San Diego Zoo.  They are brothers, born in January of 2014.

It was a warm day, and Berani spent some time hanging out at the base of the waterfall.

Here's Cinta.  You can tell them apart by the markings over the right eye.

They can spend a good part of a day curled up (or stretched out) right next to each other sleeping, and then all of a sudden one gets a bit too close - usually while either eating or paying close attention to their older brother Conner in the neighboring enclosure.

Tiger Face Off.


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