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Saturday, May 2, 2015


Calli always gives me a somewhat suspicious look when I point a new lens at her.


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Baby Meerkats at the San Diego Zoo

There are two little baby Meerkats at the San Diego Zoo.  They were born on March 12, and are just now starting to wander out of their den.  I got a few pictures late yesterday afternoon.


Baby Hippo at the San Diego Zoo

There's a new baby hippo at the San Diego Zoo.  He (or she - they don't know yet) has been pretty hard to see so far, as Mom is doing a good job of protecting him (or her).  I did manage to get one shot the other day.

Just to help put this into perspective, since it's hard to tell just how little this one is right now, here is a shot of Funani, the mother, taken from the same spot with exactly the same magnification.


Connor - Malayan Tiger

Here are a few new pictures of Connor, the Malayan Tiger at the San Diego Zoo, taken between January and April of this year.  Connor recently had his fourth birthday, on April 2.

He's gotten pretty good at picking up food with his paw.

Here's a shot we won't be getting in the future.  They've re-worked the tiger enclosure and split it into two sections, so that they can have more than one tiger out on view at a time.  In order to do that they closed off the access from the upper to the lower pond, and built a big stone wall where this ledge he's standing on in this next picture used to be.

Connor is temporarily staying at the other end of the Zoo while they re-do the landscaping in his yard.  It's not a very good place for pictures, but I've managed to get a few.  Last I heard he is scheduled to move back home in mid to late May.

Click here to see a few more pictures of Connor, the Malayan Tiger at the San Diego Zoo, from January through April of 2015.

Black-Casqued Hornbill

One of the guys I spend a lot of time shooting pictures with at the San Diego Zoo has nicknamed this female Black-Casqued Hornbill as Phyllis.  If you've ever heard the noise that these birds make you'll understand why.  


Reptiles - San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo has a great collection of reptiles.  Here are a few recent images.

The big Monitor Lizard is always fun to watch.  This thing is huge.

Here's something I learned recently.  In all the years I spent in school I don't think anyone ever mentioned this.

Click here to see a few more recent pictures of the reptiles at the San Diego Zoo. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

California Road Trip - January 2015 - Part 4 - The Road South

We made quite a few stops on our journey home from San Francisco, and spent 2 nights in Santa Barbara along the way.  See Part 2 of this series for the California Missions that we visited, including the Santa Barbara Mission

We stopped for a few minutes at the intersection of CA-154 and US-101 to get a picture of this sign.  California Highway Patrol Officer Jim O'Connor was a good friend when we were growing up. He was riding in a 4-man formation with 3 other CHP motorcycle officers around a sharp curve on CA-154 when a car crossed the center line and struck him head on. He died at the scene, in November of 1990. This interchange was dedicated in his honor last year.

We didn't find all that much to do in Santa Barbara, so after breakfast on Friday we went to the Zoo, and then the Mission.  But, first we had to stop for breakfast. We went to the original Sambo's (founded 1957), which is right down on the beach.  The building may be newer, but they still have some of the original artwork hanging there.

The Santa Barbara Zoo is small compared to the one in San Diego, but it is nicely laid out, and a pleasant place to spend a morning.

They have a big collection of reptiles and insects.

I thought this was a helpful graphic.

The baby anteater was cool. That's his mother he's crawling over. She's trying to take a nap.

Synchronized ducks.

They do have a few big cats, which are always my favorites.

It took a while, but I did even find some tigers.

Click here to see more images from the Santa Barbara Zoo.

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