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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Morning Walk Around the San Diego Zoo - Tigers and More

This was a great morning for a walk around the San Diego Zoo. I met some friends from the local photo club at Tiger River. The cubs Christopher and Conner were out, playing and exploring around the enclosure. When I first arrived they were up towards the top of the hill, I had to shoot this through a piece of not-very-clean glass.

Mom Mek was there as well. Mek knows when it's getting close to 11:30, she heads down to the spot where she knows the keeper will be tossing some sort of tasty treats to her. Here she is watching as a piece of beef heart flies her way.

Here are a few with the little guys in the background. They're up to about 35 pounds now.

The little guys alternated between resting in the bushes and chasing each other around.

Along the way we checked in on the hippos - Funani and her young son Adhama were hanging out at the glass wall napping in the sun. I don't know if hippos actually smile, but little Adhama sure has a contented look on his face.

There were some cool little monkeys out.

We took a quick walk through the Children's Zoo, and found this butterfly.

Back in a seldom-visited corner of the Zoo, not too far from the Children's Zoo area, is the ocelot. He's tough to see, as the caging is pretty thick, but I managed to snag this shot through the cage.

On our way out we stopped in to see one of my favorites, the monitor lizard. I got quite a few shots that I liked, and had a hard time picking which ones to post here. You can see more at the link below (along with a lot more tiger pictures too).

This one has some serious claws.

Click here to see more images from today, Saturday Aug 6, 2011 at the San Diego Zoo.


  1. Very nice Frank. The head on shot of the Monitor Lizard with the very shallow depth of field is my favorite. Looks like you had a great time.


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