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Sunday, January 8, 2012

San Diego Zoo - Jan 7, 2012

After a week that seemed like it went on forever even though my office was only open 4 days this past week, a morning at the Zoo seemed like a nice way to put that all behind me. My original plan was to only stay a few hours - I wound up being there most of the day. 

The Flamingos are right at the front of the Zoo, and on the way to the path that leads down to the Tigers. They were all in a big agitated bunch in one spot, as there was a keeper in with them when I got there.

The Malayan Tiger cubs and their mother were all napping in separate spots when I first got there. After about 20 minutes one of the cubs went over to visit with his mother. I don't think she woke up in a really good mood. That's not a yawn.

After a while she decided to head up the hill to a spot where people (and her sons) wouldn't bother her.

Conner went down to the lowest part of the habitat, where he likes to sit right at the glass and watch the people. He'll even try to jump up onto little kids' shoulders when they sit with their backs to the glass for a picture with him.

Christopher perked up as soon as the keeper showed up with a tray of beef heart chunks.

I stopped by the Zebras on my way up to see the Polar Bears.

I think that the Polar Bears must be one of the toughest animals at the Zoo to get a decent picture of. The glass around their habitat is either scratched up on the inside, or really dirty from everyone touching it, and always throws off a reflection of something you don't want. Speaking of reflections.

The Komodo Dragon was in a sunny spot, every now and then he would stick his head up and take a look around. He seemed to get particularly interested any time a small child came by.

Check out his claws.

I was all set to leave a little before 3PM when I remembered that Danai, the older female Malayan Tiger, was due to come out at that time. I got back down the hill just as a keeper was placing one of those giant femur bones out for her. A few minutes later Danai showed up. I wound up standing there for over an hour, watching Danai chew on the bone, taking a few photos, and talking photography with some of the other people.

She really is a good looking cat.

Click here to see a few more images from Saturday, January 7, 2012 at the San Diego Zoo, including some of the Fishing Cat, and more of the Komodo Dragon and Malayan Tigers.


  1. I like the second tiger picture. The movement you captured really is incredible.

  2. I also like the "movement" shot. Good job:~)


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