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Monday, March 22, 2010

Cactus Flowers . . . and more.

I made a quick trip out to Anza Borrego on Sunday to do some photography. My original plan was to go to Sandstone Canyon, but it was pretty late by the time I finally got out there so I wandered down Old Kane Springs Road (from Hwy 78) to the Cactus Garden instead. I drove a little ways up Harper Canyon through the cactus, but not all the way to the end this time, as there were a lot more exposed rocks on the trail compared to when I was there last year, and I didn't want to risk it traveling alone. The cactus are starting to bloom nicely, and this area has a huge variety.

There were lots of little wildflowers as well.

From Old Kane Springs Road there is an unnamed road that tracks north and connects to Hwy 78 right where Buttes Pass Road starts its northward track. I took Buttes Pass Road north, stopped in Hawk Canyon briefly for lunch, then continued north to San Felipe Wash, where I turned around and headed back the way I came. After a brief detour partway up the Goat Trail (just to see where it went, and what the condition of the trail was) I eventually followed Borrego Mountain Road as far as the top of the Dropoff.

I found a nice shady spot in Hawk Canyon for lunch. It was a bit overcast but still warm out in the sun, temps were in the low to mid-80's.

Lots of color in Hawk Canyon. Lots of people and even a huge motorhome too. It was getting a bit crowded so I didn't hang around. Quite a change from Old Kane Springs Road and the Cactus Garden, where I saw no one.

I finally found a spot from which to look down into the canyon we were driving in a few weeks ago. Coming in from the north Borrego Mountain Wash eventually gets too narrow to drive in and becomes a hiking path called The Slot. In this picture you can see part of the driveable section. (See my posts from Feb 15th and Jan 2nd for pictures from the drive and inside The Slot).

You can't actually see the path (The Slot) in this shot, it's at the bottom of the chasm. This is actually one of the wider sections.

This has been a particularly good year to see the Desert Lily. The area along Borrego Mountain Road has quite a few.

Time to head for home.

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  1. I am planning on heading out there tomorrow. I'm not sure where I'm going, or where I'll end up, but I hope to see some beautiful flowers and scenery. Your post here inspires me. :)


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