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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Miramar Air Show 2011 - Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Demonstation

One of just about everyone's favorites at the Miramar Air Show is the demonstration assault on the air field by the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF). We were pretty much front and center for this on Friday.

From the description in the Air Show program:

"MAGTF's are self-sustaining combined-arms forces organized to accomplish specific missions. Each MAGTF is made up of four elements: Command, Ground Combat, Aviation Combat and Combat Service Support. . . Within a matter of days a MAGTF can arrive anywhere in the world, and can immediately set out to accomplish its mission. . . This highly trained team is also an extremely effective disaster relief unit, delivering supplies, offering medical aid, assisting in rebuilding efforts and saving lives."

It all starts out with the jets flying in to take a look around, then the AV-8B Harriers and F/A-18s refuel from the KC-130 tanker, and the assault is on. 

A UH-1Y Huey drops in and a group of Marines fast rope to the ground.

Once this first group has completed their task they're extracted from the field by the Huey. All the while the Harriers and F/A-18s are circling overhead, along with a few Cobra gunships, and a pair of MV-22A Ospreys.

A pair of CH-46 Sea Knights come in to drop off supplies, while a Cobra gunship stands guard not far away.

A CH-53E Super Stallion brings in a vehicle.

Meanwhile, additional ground troops are advancing on the air field. . .

. . . along with armored support.

At one point the troops on the ground call on the Harriers, which swoop in and drop napalm on the enemy.

Once the field is secured the Ospreys return, tilt their rotors for landing, and unload their supplies.

Finally, the Harrier comes in for a vertical landing.

After the demonstration the Marines walk down the front of the spectator area to greet the crowd.

Click here to see more images from the MAGTF demonstration at the 2011 MCAS Miramar Air Show.

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