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Saturday, November 10, 2012

La Jolla - San Diego DSLR Monthly Group Shoot - November 2012

This month we met in the village of La Jolla, and wandered along the coast for a few hours before grouping up for lunch. It was a beautiful morning, but quite windy. Too windy, it turns out. I started out the morning wearing one of my favorite hats, a waxed cotton Australian-style hat. At one point I was standing on the rocks along the shore, at a spot where it's about a 10 to 20-foot drop straight into the water, when a particularly strong gust of wind took my hat. My hat now sleeps with the fishes.

When we first got there we saw quite a few sea lions on the sand at the Children's Pool.

It rained last night, so we had nice clean air and some fluffy clouds this morning.

I've think that it's always a good idea to look up and down, as well as behind you, every once in a while when out sightseeing with a camera. Many people tend to look pretty much only where they're going, and often wind up missing quite a bit. That said, I'm not sure for just how many years I've been walking over this marker showing the location of the Rose Canyon earthquake fault that runs right through La Jolla and out to the sea - and never noticed it. The four friends I was with had never noticed it either, until I pointed it out this morning. So much for being observant.

I can always find something interesting at the La Valencia Hotel on Prospect Street.

On our way down to the Cave we stopped into the store that sells Venetian Carnival masks. These are actually made in Venice, Italy.

No trip to La Jolla is complete without a stop at the La Jolla Cave.

The entrance to the Cave is in the back of a little wooden building called the Shell Shop (because they sell seashells by the seashore). The 145 steps down to the wooden landing inside one of the sea caves was carved out of the rock over 100 years ago.

This tunnel and stairway is certainly not for the claustrophobic. Here's the view on the way back up. It can get pretty damp in there, with water seeping in from the rock above.

This sign at the entrance has been here a long time.

On our way back to our cars we stopped to watch some sea lions up on a rock. With the early afternoon sun at our backs, our shadows reminded me of the old TV show Mystery Science Theater. I wasn't carrying my long lenses, so no close-ups this time. 

Click here to see more images from our morning walk around La Jolla with the San Diego DSLR Photography Group. You can see everyone else's pictures at the club website.

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