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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Cinta and Berani - Malayan Tigers at the San Diego Zoo

I spent about 4 hours watching Cinta and Berani on Saturday morning.  They alternated between hanging out at opposite ends of the large habitat sort of watching each other (and from where I was standing, both often completely out of my line of sight) and chasing each other around and even playing in the pool together.  It was great fun to watch, even if most of the time I couldn't even see them.

Here's Cinta, on his way to take a swim.

Here's Berani, looking up the hill to see what his brother is up to.

Several times during the morning they decided to chase each other around and wrestle a bit (or whatever it is tigers do when they're not really trying to hurt each other).

Click here to see a few more from Saturday, October 14 at the San Diego Zoo.

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